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Protection against the adverse effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) from a mobile phone or DECT.

Benefits of Easycall

✅ Stops the negative effects of all EMFs from a mobile phone (android or Apple) kitted out with an Easycall

✅ Enjoy the peace of mind from knowing you are protected.

Easycall is intended for any type of mobile phone or DECT landline handset. It should be placed on the phone or on the case. Ensure that your case will still fit before attaching it to your phone. If not, it will be equally effective when stuck onto the case.

Easycall compensates for the adverse effects of EMFs from the hardware electronic components and screen as well as the 2-5G telecoms frequencies associated with making calls plus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Although you may use a Harmony/XL and/or Traveller CMO for their benefits, we still recommend using the Easycall because it is specifically tuned to counter the EMFs from the hardware components of mobile phones and DECTs.  The Easycall CMO for mobile phones looks very similar to the PCZone in outward design, but they cannot be used interchangeably because the PCZone is tuned to tablets, laptops, screens and consoles electronics that differ from mobile phone and DECT components.

With an Easycall fitted, your mobile phone or DECT becomes "biocompatible", ie it becomes physically safe for you during use, and also when you are carrying it around between use.

You can move your Easycall to your new mobile phone or DECT when you upgrade your handset. Simply slide a nylon thread between your Easycall and your old phone to remove it, clean the old glue off the Easycall, apply a new sticky pad and attach to your new handset.

Check out the Bundles category for maximum surveillance protection and EMF protection from multiple devices in combination.

Instructions on how to set up and use your CMO devices once you have them can be found here.


Easycall looks like a silver button that is affixed by a sticky pad to your mobile phone or DECT.
Dimensions: Button diameter 25mm, 4 mm height - 5g grams weight
Composition: CMOs are passive magnetic oscillators, operating without energy input: they activate in the presence of artificial electromagnetic fields.
The aluminium shell is made of 100% aluminium.
Chemical composition of the active solution: microcrystalline saline solution treated electromagnetically.

Product CodeEASNGEGU21

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